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Power Washing Labor $99. All sized decks up to 400 sq. ft. Additional sq. ft. $.25.

Chemical Strippers and Elevation Fee is additional.

Adams Power Wash uses equipment that puts out 500 gallons of water per minute through our pressure wash machines. So much water allows us to turn down the pressure for our deck cleaning.  All that water and a Chemical Stripper, provides you with an exceptionally clean deck beyond what a power wash can do alone for your deck maintenance. Our Deck Technicians direct powered water to every inch of your floor, rail system and skirting flushing away everything the chemical stripper alleviates from your deck.

Chemical Strippers are used to aid in the cleaning of all decks. It is an environmentally friendly Alkaline based stripper. It will not kill plants nor animals. It does emulsify most semitransparent sealers that have been deteriorated by the sun. That allows us to flush away the old sealer with our power washer. It also removes mold, mildew and sun damage on raw wood.

The chemical will clean paint, but not dissolve paint. Therefore, it is safe to use on decks attached to painted homes. With that said, it will also not remove paint on painted decks.

Will the chemical stripper remove everything 100% from my wood?

NO. Here is a list of what the Chemical will NOT remove:

  • Paint
  • Solid Color Stains

Sealers not affected by the sun. Areas of your deck that receive more shade will not deteriorate your sealer. The shade of furniture, under planters, under umbrella stands, under door mats and alcoves.

Sealers that were put on extra thick. Many times homeowners who apply their own sealers brush or roll their sealers on and tend to re-work it around the edges. We often find we are able to remove a layer here, but another layer underneath is still holding strong.

Any product that is on heavy to the point of flaking and pealing.

We Do Not use the power washer as a chisel. If the Chemical Stripper does not emulsify it so the power washer can flush it away, it will remain on your deck.

See Options for a blotchy deck


Why do we charge an Elevation Fee?

Elevation fee for wash and again for seal are $75 each. Additional fees are levied for second set of stairs and decks ranging each additional 400 sq. ft. Painted decks are assessed differently.

There is a greater amount of work and the work is more difficult on a deck that is elevated, even on just one side, than a ground level deck.

Elevation fees exist because it adds a great degree of difficulty to our work. Elevation is any one or more sides of your deck that is 5.5 feet off the ground or higher.

Difficulty  includes, working rail system on the outside of deck and additional clean-up and protection of surrounding area that extends to the second story adjacent to the deck, and all areas below the deck. That is all additional work we don’t have on ground decks.


What was last applied to your deck?

If you did it yourself, you may have an old can in your basement or garage. If you don’t, you can help us by looking at your deck and answering a few questions.


  • Is there a solid color on the deck?
  • Is it peeling off anywhere? (it is usually only on the flat surface – floor and top hand rail)
  • Is it a semitransparent color that is fading away (more color toward the edges and on the railings but the center of the deck is all gone or looking not as good)
  • Is it a semitransparent color that is peeling on the top hand rail or even on the floor?
  • Is your deck just looking old and grey and like there is nothing on it at all?
  • Is your deck a new deck and nothing has been applied to it yet? If so, is it a new cedar deck or wolmanized?


Is your deck elevated?

  • If you enter the deck at ground level but is over or to the side of a walkout basement, your deck is elevated.
  • If you deck is 5.5 feet off the ground on any or all sided of the deck, it is elevated.
  • If there are more than four steps to get onto your deck, it is elevated.
  • If your deck has no stairs and you can only enter your deck from inside your home, your deck is elevated and it referred to as a Balcony Deck.


Are there repairs you want done?

We can only do minor repairs, such as removing and replacing floor boards. We are not a construction company and cannot do any work that would require a permit to be acquired such as railings, steps and foundational work.


What size is your deck?

We only need to know the square footage of deck, the floor area. All railings are included.

  • The area of your deck is always length multiplied by width. That is easy enough for a square or rectangular deck. A 10 ft. x 10 ft. deck is 100 sq. ft. or a 20 ft. x 10 ft. deck is 200 sq. ft.
  • What about decks that have many sections and have lots of angles? No problem, for the sake of our conversation, we just need an approximate measurement.
  • Measure each areas general length and width to get a general size. Then add each area together. That will give us an idea if we are talking about a 300 sq. ft deck or a 2,000 sq. ft. deck.
  • Measuring Stairs
  • Simply count your steps.
  • If there is a landing, measure that length x width.

We will do the math



Now Serving: Oakland, Livingston and Ingham Counties. Your neighborhood powerwashers: West Bloomfield, Farmington, Northville, Howell, Brighton, Hartland, Milford, Novi, Hamburg, Pinckney, South Lyon, Fowlerville, Williamston, Okemos, Haslett, East Lansing, Dewit, Delta Twp., Holt